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The power of 1%

How a 1% can make you $1,000's more.

Whether you like it or not, You are in the business of percentages. Play them right and you can completely turn around your venue. Let's take a look using a mid sized suburban hotel turning over $30,000 per

week as an example. Say he makes the following changes by 1% and see the end result.

  • Increases Turnover by 1% - $300 per week

  • Decreases COGS by 1% - $105 per week (Assuming 35% COGS)

  • Decreases Wages by 1% - $84 per week (Assuming wage cost of 28%)

  • Increase Prices by 1% - $303 per week (After increased turnover)

  • Decrease entertainment expenses by 1% - $15 per week (Assuming $1,500 spend) (Could save more than this with our trivia packs alone.)

By making all of the above changes we have increased our net profit by $807 per week

That's Freaking MASSIVE!!!! - It's an extra $41,964 per year added to your bottom line! You have the opportunity RIGHT NOW to do at least TWO of these things! Using our proven method of running a successful trivia night we can help you - Increase turnover AND decrease expenses.. I have been in your shoes paying the bill's - TAB, KENO, SKY, Foxtel, Bands, Wages, GST, Super - The list NEVER ends. Don't let your trivia night drag your down too. We provide EVERYTHING your need to host a successful night - The posters, the questions, power point shows and Tips and tricks to turn your hotel into a profitable one. Stand out and Make a difference. Follow this link here and say goodbye to your quiet night!!trivia-packages/cbjq Cheers,


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