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Trivia Questions Teaser W.E 03April2016

1) Mauritius is considered part of which continent geographically? 2) Lara Croft is a character in what movie? 3) If you brailing, You are cheating in what game by feeling around the bag? 4) What is the capital of Nepal? 5) In what country will you find Tulum National Park? 6) The 2016 Superbike World Championship will be held on which Australian Island? 7) What is Australia's second most profitable bank? 8) When blood is first is first pumped from the right side of the heart, Where does it go first? 9) Who had an infamous "wardrobe malfunction" at the Super Bowl? 10) What is the surname of the main family in the cartoon "Family Guy"? 11) Which cricketer has joined one of cricket’s most exclusive clubs last week, becoming just the second Australian batsman to hit 6000 Twenty20 runs? 12) Barack Obama visited Havana this week. It was the first time a US president had stepped foot on Cuban soil in how many years?


1) Africa 2) Tomb Raider 3) Scrabble 4) Kathmandu 5) Mexico 6) Phillip Island

7) ANZ 8) The lungs 9) Janet Jackson 10) Grifffin 11) David Warner 12) 88 years

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