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Trivia Questions Package Teaser

Here is a sample from our latest trivia questions sent weekly to pubs and clubs all over Australia.


1) A new version of Vegemite was launched in 2009 called Cheesybite. What was the original name, scrapped after a public backlash? 2) What channel airs Shark Week, an annual event showcasing both fictional and nonfictional stories about sharks? 3) Which city has the most skyscrapers - Los Angeles, Sydney or Istanbul 4) Which Osborne had a hit cover with the song 'Papa Don't Preach' in 2002? 5) What is the name of the dinosaur-loving little brother of Peppa Pig? 6) What is the more common name for Ro Sham Bo? 7) What does the bb in bb gun stand for? 8) What does LPG stand for? 9) What islands are home to most of the world's marine birds called 'blue-footed boobies'? 10) A poster campaign featuring Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova used the headline, 'Only the ball should bounce". What was the advertising? 11) What two oceans does the Panama Canal ultimately connect? 12) Edison was the name of the Potts family dog in which family movie?


1) iSnack 2.0 2) The Discovery Channel 3) Istanbul 4) Kelly Osbourne 5) George 6) Rock, Paper, Scissors

7) Ball Bearing 8) Liquefied petroleum gas 9) Galápagos Islands 10) Bra's (Sports Bra's) 11) Pacific & Atlantic 12) Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

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