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Trivia Packs Australia

Here is a short snippet of our weekly trivia questions we send to pubs and clubs all over Australia.

Check out a full sample here -


1) Which Michael Jackson album featured the hit single Black or White? 2) Which country was the car company Porsche founded in? 3) Rhythm & regularity, relaxation & contact, and impulsion are levels of the training scale of what discipline? (Optional hint - Horse riding) 4) Lard is a kind of fat. What animal does it come from? 5) Beirut is the capital of which country? 6) Who was the leading actress in the 2014 movie - Ella Enchanted? 7) What is the basket of a hot air balloon called? (Starts with G) 8) King Louis XIII, Porthos, and Milady de Winter are all characters in what Alexandre Dumas novel? 9) What distilled alcoholic beverage is made from sugarcane and its byproducts? 10) Adelaide had a team in the short-lived Super League competition. What was the name of this team? 11) What is the world's largest single structure made by living organisms? 12) How many grand slam singles titles has Australian tennis player Lleyton Hewitt won?


1) Dangerous 2) Germany 3) Dressage 4) Pigs 5) Lebanon 6) Anne Hathaway

7) A gondola 8) The Three Musketeers 9) Rum 10) The Adelaide Rams 11) The Great Barrier Reef 12) 2

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