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Weekly Trivia Questions

We make hosting your trivia night easy!

Every week we make and send our trivia packages to venues all over Australia, Below is just a small sample of what we do each week.


1) What are the first names of the three Brady Bunch brothers (screen names)? 2) Who won the 2018 AFL grand final? 3) A gilt, is a female what under the age of 1 year who has not farrowed, or given birth to a litter? 4) What colour is the circle on the Bangladesh flag? 5) Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, sometimes referred to as Brangelina before their separation, met each other on the set of what film? 6) Brangelina have a grand total of how many children together? (including their adopted children) 7) What is the name of Elsa's sister in the movie Frozen? 8) Amal Alamuddin is married to which famous actor and activist? 9) The Red Sea, is also known as the Gulf of where? 10) Bonnie Doon is a small village made famous by the movie 'The Castle', what Australian state is it in? 11) What is the Capital of Switzerland? 12) What is the next line of the Bob Dylan song blowing in the wind - "How many times must the cannon balls fly"?


1) Greg, Peter & Bobby 2) West Coast Eagles 3) Pig 4) Red (Green Background) 5) Mr. and Mrs. Smith 6) Six (3 adopted)

7) Anna 8) George Clooney 9) Gulf of Arabia 10) Victoria 11) Bern 12) Before they're forever banned

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