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Trivia Questions Package Teaser W.E15may16

1) Which is the lightest of the chemical elements?

2) Name the fifth movie in the Mission Impossible series released in 2015?

3) What is the least densely populated country in Europe?

4) Starting out with the name "Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda", what soft drink once contained lithium?

5) Usually applied to governments and other large organizations what is the idiom that refers to excessive regulation or rigid conformity to formal rules?

6) From what country does the dish beef stroganoff originate?

7) On which annual holiday was Abraham Lincoln assassinated?

8) What was the international project called in which scientists mapped the DNA sequence of humans?

9) "El Tri" is the nickname of which national soccer team?

10) What do the initials H.W. stand for in the name of President George H. W. Bush?

11) Radio host Jakie O was forced to make an on air apology over defamatory comments made about which Paramatta Eels star?

12) Which goal keeper recently won the English Premier league for the second year running with two separate clubs without playing a single game?


1) Hydrogen 2) Rougue Nation 3) Iceland 4) 7-Up 5) Red Tape 6) Russia

7) Good Friday/Easter 8) The Human Genome Project (HGP) 9) Mexico national football team 10) Herbert Walker 11) Kieran Foran 12) Mark Schwarzer

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