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What to give as Trivia Quiz Prizes??

My general rule is to NEVER give away cash! The goal of hosting your trivia night is to generate more profit for your business. Giving away cash will not do this.

70% of guests when given money will put it in their pockets and spend their cash prizes elsewhere. This is because they win this at the end of the night-when they are ready to go home.

Our suggestion is to give them Bar Vouchers and Restaurant Vouchers. I personally recommended making restaurant and bar vouchers redeemable on trivia nights only (i.e. if trivia night is a Wednesday I will write on the trivia voucher given "Valid only on Wednesday evenings between 6pm and 9pm")

The benefit of doing this is it forces customers to come back next week, develops their habits and guess what.. They don't come alone. Usually they will bring at least 2-3 friends with them to help spend the vouchers they have one.

They only time I would suggest giving away cash prizes is by larger venues who can afford to keep the Jackpot prize building week to week. I.e. $100 jackpots weekly, I have seen trivia nights get up to $5,000. This can draw in large crowd, however when the big money is up for grabs you will begin to bring in the real smartie pants who leave the rest of the people for dead. This can ruin your night as your more average teams who have been there week after week no longer have a chance of winning.

Generally I would ensure that once the Jackpot gets to around $1,000 you make sure that your jackpot question is an easy one to let it go off!

Below is what most of our successful venue's give

First bonus round - 1 Free Drink or Cocktail (use on trivia night only)

Second Bonus Round - (One Free Dessert to be consumed that night to promote other people at the table to order desserts)

Trivia Night Winner - $100 Bar/Restaurant voucher (for use on trivia night only)

Runner up - $25voucher (for use on trivia night only)

Third Place - $15voucher (for use on trivia night only) or a free bottle of wine.

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