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Trivia Questions 11/01/2021

See below a small sample of our weekly trivia questions we sent to pubs and clubs all over Australia. If you are hosting a one-off or weekly trivia night, don't sweat it. We have your back.

To see a full sample of our pro pack head to -


1) Which garden is considered to be among the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World?

2) Who sang a theme song to “Die another day”?

3) What word can mean both a card game or part of the human nose?

4) Name the two countries whose names contain the letter x. (one point each)

5) Who plays Ross on the television series ‘Friends’?

6) The oboe belongs to which family of musical instruments?

7) The ‘Bay to Breakers’ is which U.S city’s equivalent of Sydney’s ‘City to Surf’?

8) Which colour Wiggle was Greg Page?

9) What breed of tailless cat is associated with the Isle of Man?

10) What is the only muscle in the human body not attached at both ends?

11) In radio, what does AM stand for?

12) Australian heartthrob Chris Hemsworth is married to which Spanish model and actress?


1) Hanging Gardens of Babylon

2) Madonna

3) Bridge

4) Mexico and Luxembourg

5) David Schwimmer

6) Woodwind family

7) San Francisco

8) Yellow

9) Manx

10) Tongue

11) Amplitude Modulation

12) Elsa Pataky


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