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Trivia Packages Australia

We provide weekly trivia packages to pubs clubs and restaurants all over Australia. To download a full free sample please see our home page


1) LHR is the airport code of which busy European airport?

2) What fictional piece of technology allows time travel to be possible in the DeLorean during the Back to the Future movies?

3) Into which sea does the mouth of the river Nile empty into?

4) Common in most homes, what name is a modulator/demodulator better known by?

5) Which famous body of islands is a province of Ecuador? (Optional hint - Charles Darwin)

6) Which actor played the starring role of Maggie Fitzgerald in Million Dollar Baby?

7) What cricket fielding position near the wicket ends with the words mid-off'?

8) What describes a sudden change of government, forcibly affected by a ruler, the army, or the general population?

9) Which word can be a military vehicle or a sleeveless top?

10) What is the first and last name of Ray's father in the TV show Everybody Loves Raymond? (one point each)

11) Under what name did Queen Elizabeth II's father rule?

12) Protesters across which nation took to the streets to demand the release of jailed opposition figure Alexei Navalny?


1) London Heathrow Airport

2) Flux capacitor

3) Mediterranean Sea

4) Modem

5) Galapagos Islands

6) Hilary Swank

7) Silly Mid-Off

8) Coup

9) Tank

10) Frank Barone

11) George

12) Russia


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