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Pub Trivia Questions

Sick of trolling the internet every week for your trivia questions? Every week we put together a trivia package that is played by 1000's of people all over the country.

Here is a sample of 10 questions from last week.

If only everything in life could be this easy.

1) What animal is on the cover of the Beach Boys' album "Pet Sounds"? 2) What TV character had great success with his recipe for Chocolate Salty Balls? 3) What was the first medication to be sold in the form of water-soluble tablets? 4) The Lhasa Apso is a breed of what common animal? 5) What is regarded as the highest prize for Photography 6) What Greek physician is known as "The Father of Medicine"? 7) Which gaming machine came pre-loaded with the game Alex Kidd in Miracle World? 8) What occupation does Phil Dunphy do in the TV show Modern Family? 9) What's the name for the chemical and electrical connections formed at the gaps between nerve cells? 10) What type of machine was Isaac Singer granted a patent for in 1851? 11) What has long been acclaimed as the most famously realistic Wax Museum in the world? 12) What is the name of the Cranberries singer who passed away recently at age 46?


1) Goat 2) Jerome "Chef" McElroy (South Park) 2) Asprin 4) Dog 5) The Pulitzer Prize 6) Hippocrates

7) Sega master system 8) Real Estate Agent 9) Synapses 10) Sewing Machine 11) Madame Tussauds 12) Delores O'Riordan

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