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What time to start your Trivia Night


Like almost everything – its all in the Timing. Start your game too late – people will leave. Start it too early – People won’t make it.

We have found that the most effective start time is from 7-7:30pm at night. (Your venue’s peak service hours) At this time there will still be enough of the early birds still eating their meals or having a beer that you have the opportunity to entice to join the game, there will also help you finish at an early time to ensure that it does not run too late and discourage your trivia regulars to come back week after week.

Bonus Tip - When asking people to play trivia you need to be forth coming, Ask with the assumption that they will be playing, even tell them that they can leave at anytime and just put an answer sheet on the table. This will encourage them to join in for the sake of it and increase your chances of hooking them into future weeks with your giveaways and prizes.

example - "Hi guys, Here is a trivia answer sheet, Please feel free to join in, you can leave at anytime and we have some great prizes on offer."

By leading in this way you are not being forceful but you are leaving the bait on the table for them to play. People just can't resist once they know an answer but to write it down. This is why we lead in with a couple of good questions designed to bait more players and enhance your night!

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