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Trivia Questions Package Teaser W.E07Aug16

We supply pubs and clubs with weekly trivia questions packages all over Australia and the world. We are the best in the business. Rest easy with our professional trivia packages made just for Australian pubs and clubs.

1) Name all four sitting US presidents that have been shot and killed while in office?

2) What 90's TV show had characters who liked hanging out at the "Peach Pit"?

3) Nick Carraway was the narrating lead character in which classic novel?

4) What nationality is Celine Dion?

5) Which literary bear got its name from a London railway station?

6) What astronomical aid takes its name from Greek words meaning "far seeing"?

7) What is "The Windy City"? (USA)

8) How many cards are usually used in a game of solitaire?

9) Pancetta is derived from the meat of what animal?

10) Which Australian actor born as Greg Gomez Pead, is best known for his 1988 comedy Young Einstein?

11) Australia sits on the fastest moving continental tectonic plate in the world, moving at about how many centimeters each year?

12) Which religious leader is demanding an investigation into Victoria Police and the ABC over sexual abuse allegations?


1) Abraham Lincoln, James A. Garfield, William McKinley John F. Kennedy 2) Beverly Hills 90210 3) The Great Gatsby 4) Canadian 5) Paddington Bear 6) Telescope

7) Chicago 8) 52 9) Pig (Italian bacon) 10) Yahoo Serious 11) 7 centimetres 12) Cardinal George Pell

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