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Trivia Questions Sample

Here is a sneak preview of 10 trivia questions that we send out each week to pubs and clubs all over Australia. We make over 50 unique questions every week that includes music, picture, plus heads and tails rounds.

Trivia Questions

1) What is the 1 Thing Meatloaf Won’t Do For Love? 2) The Australian men's national rugby union team is known as the Wallabies. What is the name of the women's national rugby union team? 3) In what country was Hitler born? 4) What's a scientist who studies prehistoric life called? 5) Which historic British city, now a World Heritage Site, was known as Aquae Sulis to the Romans? 6) What type of dog breed is Beethoven from the 1992 movie of the same name? 7) Brown, Harvard, and Princeton University are all known as what type of schools? 8) Name all 3 countries in the world that start with the letter F. 9) Only one country starts with the letter Y, what is it? 10) What are the odds of a ball landing on a number in single zero roulette? 11) In which general direction does the Nile River flow? North, East, South or West? 12) What word is used to represent the letter Q in the NATO phonetic alphabet?


1) That 2) the Wallaroos 3) Austria 4) Paleontologist 5) Bath, Somerset 6) St. Bernard

7) Ivy League 8) Fiji, Finland, France 9) Yemen 10) 1/37 11) North 12) Quebec

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