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Pub Trivia Questions Teaser

This weeks free pub trivia questions. Stop wasting your week creating trivia questions. Let us do it for you. Check out our free sample package here


1) Monero, Ethereum & Ripple are all types of what? 2) Who directed the film Taxi Driver? 3) In which country would you find Mount Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe and 10th highest in the world? 4) Lumbago causes pain where? 5) Which company advertised 'When you care enough to send the very best'? 6) How many times in a row did American cyclist Lance Armstrong win the Tour de France only to be stripped of the titles in 2012? 7) Who is known as The Bard or The Bard of Avon? 8) In the Hunger Games movies which actor plays Haymitch Abernathy? 9) La Gioconda is the nickname of which famous painting? 10) What is a term for an 'unquestionable truth' and a book from the Bible? 11) Who was the first woman to swim the 100 metres freestyle in less than one minute 12) In what year did the boxing day tsunami wipe out over 200,000 people across 14 countries?


1) Cryptocurrency 2) Martin Scorsese 3) Russia 4) Lower Back 5) Hallmark 6) Seven

7) William Shakespeare 8) Woody Harrelson 9) The Mona Lisa 10) Gospel 11) Dawn Fraser 12) 2004

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