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Pub Quiz Questions

Some sample questions from our weekly trivia packages. To view a full package for FREE please visit

1) The Vegemite label says “proudly made in Australia since” what year? 2) Which 2015 movie starring Christian Bale & Steve Carell was about the financial crisis of 2007–2008? 3) What day of the week does Australia Day 2019 fall on? 4) What does HTTP stand for? 5) What colour is the “F” on Foster’s Lager? 6) Who wrote Moby Dick? 7) What word is missing in the following Simpsons quote "_______, is there anything they can't do"? 8) Who is the singer and principal songwriter of the alternative rock band Radiohead? 9) Mandrill, Pygmy Marmoset and Drill are all types of what? 10) More than a million tourists visit what city each year to participate in The Running of the Bulls? 11) What is the name of Ariel’s best friend the fish in the movie The Little Mermaid? 12) What hashtag did women use to share their stories of sexual assault after the attention drawn to the issue by the Harvey Weinstein ?


1) 1923 2) The Big Short 3) Saturday

4) Hypertext Transfer Protocol 5) Red 6) Herman Melville

7) Donuts 8) Thom Yorke 9) Monkeys 10) Pamplona, Spain. 11) Flounder 12) #MeToo

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