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Free Trivia Questions

Free trivia questions teaser. We make over 50 of these every week plus music, picture and jackpot trivia rounds.


1) Who is the Vice-President of America? 2) What is the name of Triple J's digital radio station whose slogan is "It's the best music from your past, present, and future"? 3) Tripoli is both the capital the largest city of which country? 4) Who co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs? 5) What Australian town sits further east? Newcastle, Sydney or Rockhampton? 6) What is the second book of the bible? 7) What shampoo brand name consists of two body parts? 8) What name is associated with the sportier versions of the MINI that also had great success as rally cars? 9) What is the French word for cheese? 10) What does OTC stand for, referring to medicines? 11) AuctionWeb was the original name for what global company? 12) What is the name of the Greek pro-tennis player who took down the great Roger Federer at the Australian Open?


1) Mike Pence 2) Double J 3) Libya 4) Steve Wozniak 5) Newcastle 6) Exodus

7) Head & Shoulders 8) Cooper 9) Fromage 10) Over-the-counter 11) Ebay 12) Stefanos Tsitsipas

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