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Pub Trivia Questions

We love trivia. I hope you get some use out of our free material we provide every week. We create loads of questions every week and provide a full trivia package for only $33 per week. Check out a full sample here -

1) What was singer Pavarotti's first name? 2) Which Japanese car company's logo is made up of three diamonds? 3) What date is St Patrick's day held on every year? 4) What is the name of the discovery channel show starring Bear Grylls as he endures some of the most intense locations on the planet? 5) What is the breed of the Dulux dog? 6) Who played Dorothy in the 1939 movie version of The Wizard of Oz? 7) What is the green pigment in plants called? 8) A hit single for four different artists, who wrote the song "The First Cut is the Deepest"? 9) There are three main types of rock: igneous, metamorphic and which other? 10) In what 1998 film does Gwyneth Paltrow play a young Londoner with two parallel, interlocking destinies? 11) In which country is the Cape of Good Hope? 12) What character did Ryan Gosling play in the movie The Notebook?


1) Luciano 2) Mitsubishi 3) 17 March 4) Man vs. Wild 5) Old English Sheepdog 6) Judy Garland

7) Chlorophyll 8) Cat Stevens 9) Sedimentary rocks 10) Sliding Doors 11) South Africa 12) Noah, Jr.

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