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Free Quiz Questions

Here is a some more free trivia questions. We absolutely love supplying venues all over Australia & the world with our weekly trivia questions. Check out the full package here -


1) What is Rambo's first name? 2) In Australia, electricity is supplied at 240V and 50Hz. The Active wire (high potential) is which colour? 3) Who plays the character Sofia Serrano beside Tom Cruise in 1996 movie Vanilla Sky? 4) Kingston is the capital of which Carrabian Island? 5) Chad Channing was the original drummer for what 90's grunge rock band? 6) What is the fourth most populated state in Australia? 7) What decade was the Sydney Harbor bridge built? 8) In which country is Lake Winnipeg? 9) Diana Chan is famous for winning which Australian reality TV show? 10) In what 1968 movie musical does Dick Van Dyke play the inventor of a flying car? 11) By which name is Reg Dwight better known? 12) In what Australian state would you find Wineglass Bay Lookout?


1) John (John James Rambo) 2) Brown (used to be red) 3) Penélope Cruz 4) Jamaica 5) Nirvana 6) Western Australia

7) 20's 8) Canada 9) MasterChef 10) Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 11) Elton John 12) Tasmania

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