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Australian Trivia Questions

Every week we make a full comprehensive pub trivia pack ready to download, print and play. Our questions are played by 1000's of people every week.

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1) On what continent would you find the country Guyana? 2) Which horse won the Melbourne Cup in 1999? (optional hint - an Indian dish) 3) Which 2014 movie about an American tank crew in World War II stars Brad Pitt and John Bernthal? 4) True or False - Per capita, Romania drinks more alcohol than the USA? 5) What is the first and last name of 'Fonzie' in happy days? 6) A Moscow mule is cocktail typically made with ginger ale and what spirit? 7) According to legend, what premium cut of beef got its name when an English king knighted his savory steak? 8) What city’s opera house does the Phantom of the Opera prowl? 9) Jaxa is the acronym of which country's aerospace agency? 10) The Kremlin Cup is contested annually in Moscow in which sport? 11) Which Patrick Swayze film had a top-selling soundtrack album in 1987? 12) Who is the current Deputy Prime Minister of Australia?


1) South America 2) Rogan Josh 3) Fury 4) True 5) Arthur Fonzarelli 6) Vodka

7) Sirloin steak 8) Paris 9) Japan 10) Tennis 11) Dirty Dancing 12) Michael McCormack

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