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Pub Trivia Questions

Here is a quick sample of what we do....

In short, we make trivia so you don't have to - Download a free sample trivia package here to see a full pack in action -


1) What is the largest Egyptian pyramid? 2) In what TV show did Steve Urkel utter his famous saying, “Did I do that!”? 3) “Ca” represents what on the periodic table? 4) Beer is made with yeast, grain, and water. What is the fourth main ingredient? 5) What Breed of dog was previously known as the Alsatian in Britain and Ireland? 6) In what year was The Simpsons Movie released? 7) How many colours are in a standard packet of MM's? 8) Who produced and directed the epic historical period drama Schindler's List? 9) Cornelius Crane Chase is the real name for what celebrity? 10) What is the name of the wisecracking plastic piggy bank in the movie Toy Story? 11) What was the most spoken language in the world in 2018? 12) What name was given to the cyclone that was recently bound for Queensland & downgraded from a tropical cyclone to a sub-tropical low?


1) Great Pyramid of Giza 2) Family Matters 3) Calcium 4) Hops 5) German Shepherd 6) 2007

7) Six 8) Steven Spielberg 9) Chevy Chase 10) Hamm 11) Chinese (Mandarin Chinese) 12) Oma

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