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Trivia Package Sample


This is a short sample of our weekly trivia package we send to pubs and clubs all over Australia. If you are hosting or looking to host a trivia night then we can help.

Check out a full trivia package here -


1) What number is painted on the side of the Volkswagen Beetle, Herbie the Love Bug? 2) What is the capital of Israel? 3) Played by Emilio Estevez, Gordon Bombay was the coach of what sports team? 4) The Polish flag consists of what two colours? 5) Draw the Infinity symbol, which is sometimes also called leminscate. 6) What is the second most expensive Monopoly property on the UK board game? 7) What famous artist suffered from psychotic episodes and delusions and severed off part of his left ear? 8) What company's logo consists of a black and white tuxedo bow-tie wearing rabbit? 9) Deoxyribonucleic acid is better known as which material in the human body? 10) On which Red Hot Chilli Peppers album was the song "Under the Bridge" released on? 11) What is the first name of the main character in the movie and novel, “Tomorrow, When the War Began”? 12) 2019 is the Chinese Year of which animal?


1) 53 2) Jerusalem 3) The Mighty Ducks 4) Red & White 5) ∞ (8 on its side) 6) Park Lane

7) Van Gogh 8) Playboy 9) DNA 10) Blood Sugar Sex Magik 11) Ellie Linton 12) Pig

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