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Trivia Questions Australia

Each week we create over 50+ trivia questions for pubs, clubs and hosts all over Australia.

We collate this into a ready to use trivia package which you can download a free sample here -

Below is a very small snippet of one round of questions. Hope you enjoy


1) From left to right, what colour is the second ring in the Olympics logo? 2) The World Wildlife Fund uses what animal as its symbol? 3) What '_ology' is the science of arranging events in their order or sequence of occurrence in time? 4) Lacrimal fluid covers the surface of what organ? 5) Which is greater, the height of Mt Everest or the depth of the Mariana Trench? 6) Giant manufacturing co. Is a Taiwanese company recognized as the world's largest manufacturer of what? 7) What is the second largest planet in our solar system? 8) Someone who practices philography collects what? 9) What colour belt is earnt just before your black belt in Karate? 10) Who was the first athlete in history to run one mile in less than four minutes? 11) What kind of animal is a sidewinder? 12) What mode of transport did Kim Jong-un take to reach Hanoi, for his second high-stakes nuclear summit with US President Donald Trump?


1) Yellow 2) Panda 3) Chronology 4) Eyes 5) The Marianas Trench 6) Bicycles

7) Saturn 8) Autographs 9) Brown Belt 10) Roger Bannister 11) Snake (Rattlesnake) 12) Train

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