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Promoting Your Trivia Night

Marketing of your Trivia Night is very important. This can

be done via different methods and each is as important as

the other.

Don't be discouraged if it take a little while to build, It can take up to 10 weeks to successfully build a repeat trivia client base. Using the trivia head questions and answer format, along with our tips and tricks can help you speed this process up!

Below are a list of the most important steps to

increasing your trivia night attendee's.

- Posters and Marketing

Your venue should have some advertising on the walls and on tables showing when trivia night is.

- Spread the Word.

As the owner and manager you need to be putting the word out to your customers friends and family in the begining to keep the flow going!

- Facebook

Advertise your trivia night every week on your social media, people will see it and respond.

- Make it a food special night.

Making it a "Ribs or Steak night" for example may help attract some customers initially.

- Re-Book Players

While your customers are in your venue you need to ask them to book again for next week, ask what their favourite table is and if they would like to secure it now.

- Prizes.

Remember - the easiest and most profitable customer is a repeat customer! To keep players coming back week on week ensure that the prizes they win are only available on trivia nights. When they come back to spend them they will always join back in!

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