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Make an extra $437 in one night?

The Up Sell.

Remember your trivia night is all about.. Creating a fun night for customers that makes you money!! In our Trivia master sheet you will be provided with the best times to have your host up selling your products.

Examples of this are to time your prizes to perfection! Have you ever been eating at restaurant and seen desserts going out to other tables and then or

dered one yourself?? Have you ever been in a bar and seen a delicious cocktail going out and thought wow! I'm getting one of those..

This is your chance to shine, Built into our trivia packs are questions and tips for your host to time their prizes.

An example of this is at dessert time when our patrons have finished their meals we have a "FREE DESSERT" question. The host will walk around with a couple of desserts and show the entire room what they will win before if they get this question right. After this you just sit back and watch the dessert orders come in. The same works for Shots, Coffee's and any other up sells your venue provides. The one you give away will be paid for many times over by the people who did not win!

I have seen this simple little trick increase revenue for a single pub by $437 on their first night of using TriviaHead with only their existing clientele.

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