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Trivia Questions Teaser W.E17April16

1) What type of creature is Wilbur in the book Charlotte's web?

2) Who is the very famous person that married "Michelle LaVaugn Robinson" in October 1992?

3) Name the song and artist from these lyrics: The jester sang for the king and queen in a coat he borrowed from James Dean?

4) What notable geographical feature is shared by Oxford, Reading, Windsor and London?

5) In which fictional story would you find “The Lost Boys”?

6) Starting with ‘E' name a form of ornamental needlework?

7) Which English author wrote the novel Sense And Sensibility?

8) It is said that 97% of all paper money in the USA has traces of what on it?

9) What colour is the cross on the Greek flag?

10) What is the device called that helps keep time in music?

11) At the moment students repay their Higher Education Loans Program (HELP) and VET FEE-HELP loans once they start earning how much money?. (to the nearest thousand dollars)?

12) What income level is the government looking to reduce this to in an effort to recover unpaid debts?


1) A Pig 2) Barack Obama 3) Don McLean- American Pie 4) The River Thames 5) Peter Pan 6) Embroidery

7) Jane Austen 8) Cocaine 9) White (Blue background) 10) Metronome 11) $54,000 12) $42,000

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