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Trivia Package Questions Teaser W.E08/05/16

We supply pubs, clubs and hosts Australia wide with weekly trivia packages direct to your email. Here is a teaser of round one from the trivia questions package week ending 08/05/2016

1) How many years have you been married if you are celebrating your "golden anniversary" ?

2) Which is generally bigger, the African or Asian elephant?

3) The sparkling wine Prosecco, comes from which country? Italy, France or Argentina

4) Which animal appears on the Australian 10 cent piece?

5) Who is the current leader of the National Party of Australia, and therefore Australia's Deputy Prime Minister?

6) In which Australian state will you find Wilsons Promontory National Park?

7) What is the smallest mammal in the world? Western harvest mouse, Pygmy Marmoset or the Bumblebee Bat?

8) Who is the Roman god of love?

9) What is the main ingredient of the Levantine dish Baba ghanoush?

10) Name the body of water that separates southern England from northern France?

11) In what Sydney suburb did a daylight gang shooting take place last week in a shopping centre car park?

12) A man was shot by snipers live on camera last week after threatening to set off a bomb inside a TV station wearing what type of animal suit?


1) 50 years 2) African 3) Italy 4) Male lyrebird 5) Barnaby Joyce 6) Victoria

7) Bumblebee Bat 8) Cupid 9) Eggplant 10) English Channel 11) Bankstown 12) Panda Onesie

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