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Trivia Questions Package Teaser 14Aug16

We supply pubs and clubs with weekly trivia questions packages all over Australia and the world. We are the best in the business. Rest easy with our professional trivia packages made just for Australian pubs and clubs.

1) In 1990, what did the World Health Organisation officially remove from its list of "mental illnesses"?

2) In the 1972 cult classic "The Godfather", who plays Michael Corleone?

3) What is the term for any four-sided figure?

4) In what game would you load a bullet into one chamber of a revolver, spin the cylinder, and then pull the trigger while pointing the gun at your own head? 5) What volcanic peak can you see from Naples?

6 In which series does writer Chris Lilley portray three characters. High-strung drama teacher Mr. G., exchange student Ja'mie and break-dancing delinquent Jonah?

7) In cricket, who was the first bowler ever to take 700 wickets?

8) Due to his skill at counting cards, which actor is not allowed to play blackjack at most casinos in Las Vegas? a. Ben Affleck, b. Leonardo DiCaprio, c. Forest Whitacker, d. Jeff Bridges

9) Who is given the Piscatory Ring when elected?

10) What was the acronym given to the underground network that was purported to have helped Nazi SS members escape capture and flee Europe?

11) The Reserve Bank of Australia has slashed the cash rate by 25 basis points to a historic low of what per cent?

12) Last week we lost Australia's oldest Olympian, former athlete and coach at the age of 95. What was his name?


1) Homosexuality 2) Al Pacino 3) A Quadrilateral 4) Russian Roulette 5) Mount Vesuvius 6) Summer Heights High

7) Shane Warne 8) a. Ben Affleck 9) The Pope 10) ODESSA 11) 1.5 per cent 12) Forbes Carlile

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