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Trivia Questions Teaser


Here is a sneak preview of 10 trivia questions that we send out each week to pubs and clubs all over Australia. We make a unique package every week that includes music, picture, plus heads and tails rounds.


1) How many days are in a leap year? 2) A courgette is another name for which vegetable? 3) Which cape is the most northern point of Australia? 4) Ikea is originally from which country? 5) What is the latitude of the north pole? 6) On March 9, 1997, which famous rapper was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting in Los Angeles? (clue - was not Tu Pac) 7) What do you call the stick used to play the violin? 8) Which actor played the famous Mark "Chopper" Read in the 2000 movie 'Chopper'? 9) What sort of animal is a Clydesdale? 10) In which US sport would you compete for the Stanley Cup? - Ice Hockey, Basketball or American Football? 11) Which city, on the River Arno, is the capital of the region of Tuscany? 12) Who was the recent 2017 winner of Master Chef?


1) 366 2) Zucchini 3) Cape York Peninsula 4) Sweden 5) 90 Degree's North 6) The Notorious B.I.G

7) Bow 8) Eric Bana 9) Horse 10) Ice Hockey 11) Florence 12) Diana Chan

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