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Trivia questions teaser

Every week we make a brand new pub trivia package including music, picture, jackpot, true or false trivia questions. Here is a sample of 10 questions that we sent out this week.

Trivia Questions.

1) What is the name of Australia’s women’s soccer team? 2) What does the M stand for in E=MC2? 3) April & Phil are the traumatized parents of which professional skateboarder, stunt performer, and TV personality? 4) What is the largest living structure on earth? 5) Who is the only person to be nominated for an Oscar, Grammy, golden globe and Nobel Peace prize? 6) How many ships were in the First Fleet? 7) What are the 2 chromosomes all male humans have? 8) Who hosts the tv show 'Gruen'? 9) What cities did the IOC announce to host the 2024 and 2028 Olympic Games? 10) What is the first element in the periodic table? 11) Which country was Croatia and Slovenia once a part of? 12) What is the date by which the ABS must receive your vote to be counted in the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey?


1) Matildas 2) Mass 3) Bam Margera 4) The Great Barrier Reef 5) Bono 6) Eleven

7) XY 8) Wil Anderson 9) Paris & Los Angeles 10) Hydrogen 11) Yugoslavia 12) Tuesday, 7 November 2017

download your free sample trivia questions package here -

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