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Trivia Questions for pubs

Trivia Head is an Australian leader in the supply of weekly trivia questions to pubs and clubs all over the country. We only started 3 years ago but today we still produce the most comprehensive trivia package in the country, we are played by over 4,000 people every week and growing. To see a full sample package visit our website -


1) What is the term for the opposition to an electrical current in a conductor? 2) Who was the first queen of England? 3) Name the tv show that is famous for the saying, “Missed it by that much”? 4) What is the color of Humphrey B Bear’s big tie? 5) Mauna Loa is the world's largest what? 6) A severe vitamin C deficiency will result in what disease? 7) From what country does Ludwig van Beethoven come from? 8) A stitch in time saves what? 9) The word “olfactory” relates to which human sense? 10) In Scrabble, how many points is the letter K worth? 11) In which Australian state would you find Grampians National Park? 12) What animal is in the logo for “Great Northern Brewing Co”?


1) Resistance 2) Mary I 3) Get Smart 4) Yellow 5) Active Volcano 6) Scurvy

7) Germany 8) Nine 9) Smell 10) K is worth 5 11) Victoria 12) Uma Thurman

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