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Trivia Questions

Australian trivia questions made for pubs, clubs and hosts. Here is a very small snippet of what we do. For more check out


1) What is the six-pointed Jewish and Israeli symbol called? 2) What is the largest HOT dessert in the world? 3) What three colours are on the Romanian Flag? 4) How many points is a brown ball worth in a game of snooker? 5) What’s the first and last name of the tv character that says “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!” 6) What type of animal is Pocahontas’ side-kick Meeko? 7) What name is given to the clock that represents the likelihood of a man-made global catastrophe? 8) What is the science of growing plants in liquid rather than soil called? 9) What is the real name of the English football team nicknamed 'The Gunners'? 10) What continent does couscous originate from? 11) Donald Trump has two daughters, what are their first names? 12) Which female singles player won the 2019 Australian Open?


1) The Star of David 2) The Sahara Desert 3) Blue, yellow and red 4) 4 points 5) Jan Brady 6) Raccoon

7) Doomsday Clock 8) Hydroponics 9) Arsenal F.C. 10) Africa (Northern Africa - Egypt) 11) Ivanka and Tiffany 12) Naomi Osaka

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