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Weekly Trivia Questions

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We love making new content every week. We supply trivia to pubs and clubs all over Australia and the world. You can check out a FREE sample trivia package right here -

Below is some more freebies...


1) Who painted the world famous painting called - The Creation of Adam? 2) Hansel and Gretel’s dad is a poor what? 3) Home to Tokyo, what is the name of the main island of Japan? 4) What is Earth's only permanent natural satellite? 5) What is the more common name for a marsupium? 6) Michelle LaVaughn Robinson is better known today by what name? (optional hint - her marital name) 7) How many gold medals has Dawn Fraser won? 8) What type of 'ologist' is responsible for the study of humans and human behaviour and societies in the past and present? 9) During the calendar year, what star sign falls between Aries and Gemini? 10) What shoe manufacturer introduced the pump basketball shoes in the 1990's? 11) By what stage name is American musician, Stevland Hardaway Judkins better known? 12) Which British actor recently got engaged to singer Katy Perry?


1) Michelangelo 2) Woodcutter 3) Honshu 4) The Moon 5) Pouch 6) Michelle Obama

7) Four gold medals 8) Anthropologist 9) Taurus 10) Reebok 11) Stevie Wonder 12) Orlando Bloom

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