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Pub Trivia Questions

Here is a quick sample of our weekly trivia package. This is just 10 questions we put together.

To download a free sample package follow this link here -


1) In what country is the Kokoda Track? 2) "Barry the Baptist", "Hatchet Harry", "Nick the Greek" & "Bacon" are characters in which 1998 British crime film? 3) What type of species is a koala? 4) What are five babies called in a multiple-birth? 5) Which US president was assassinated on April 14, 1865? 6) Foxes are a member of what family? Cat, Dog or Rodents? 7) What year did World War I start? 8) The Australian Open tennis tournament is held annually over the last fortnight of what month? 9) If sending a text message, what does LMK mean? 10) What lost item is Jimmy Buffet searching for in his song "Margaritaville'? 11) How many NBL teams are there? 12) What is the name of the female AFLW footballer who has caught national headlines after a photo of her kicking a ball was swamped by online trolls?


1) Papua New Guinea 2) Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels 3) Marsupial 4) Quintuplets 5) Abraham Lincoln 6) Dog

7) 1914 (28 July) 8) January 9) Let Me Know 10) Shaker of salt 11) Eight 12) Tayla Harris

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