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Free Weekly Trivia Questions

Check out this weeks free weekly trivia questions made for Pubs and clubs all over Australia. If you would like to see a full sample pack check out our home page here and download one now.


1) What number does the letter "M" represent in Roman numerals?

2) Australia changed to a decimal currency under the lead of which Prime Minister?

3) What vegetable is found in dishes served "Florentine" style?

4) Who stars as Walter Fielding Jr. in the 1986 movie "The Money Pit"?

5) How many candles are on a menorah that is used for Chanukah?

6) Which actress played Forrest Gump's mother, Mrs Gump?

7) Which native American, who died 400 years ago, married an English tobacco planter named John Smith and moved to England with him?

8) What is the largest joint in the human body?

9) In the nursery rhyme 'Sing a Song of Sixpence' what was the Queen doing whilst the King was in his counting house?

10) Manitoba is a state/province of which country?

11) In 1980, Brian Johnson took over as the lead singer of what hard rock band? (option hint - following the tragic death of Bon Scott)

12) Which TV show was set in the offices of the fictional magazine "Blush"? (optional hint - starred David Spade)


1) 1,000

2) Harold Holt

3) Spinach

4) Tom Hanks

5) 9 candles

6) Sally Field

7) Pocahontas

8) Knee

9) Eating Bread and Honey

10) Canada

11) AC/DC

12) Just Shoot Me!


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