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Are your Trivia Questions too hard?

Next time you host your trivia night I want you to take notice of the scores... Seriously, This is important.

If most of your customers do not know the answer to the trivia questions then guess what?

They aint coming back! No-one likes to look like a dumb arse.

That doesn't mean you need to make the questions too easy, the good news is most people are fairly smart, especially if they are playing trivia.

The trick is to have your average scores around 75 - 85%

By doing this you are keeping all the teams together, Giving them all a hope of winning and hopefully coming back week after week.

No one looks silly and everyone gets to have some input. A good trivia host and content creator will work together on this to ensure everyone is having a good time.

Remember, you are hosting the trivia night for one reason - SELL MORE FOOD AND DRINKS!

You want the night to be challenging, fun and most of all addictive. Like a pokie machine designed to give them a chance at winning and returning to play again.

Our questions are designed with this one practice in mind. "Right On The Tip Of My Tongue" to our aim... They know the answer, see the answer and only sometimes get them right.

Then when the host reads out the answer the whole crowd goes - OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH I knew that!

If you are not happy with your current trivia supplier or are just plain sick of spending the time creating your trivia night then you need to join us and watch the difference a well made trivia pack can make. Follow this link to join us now!


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