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Trivia Questions Teaser W.E 20th March 2016

1) Including Malcolm Turnbull how many Prime Ministers have served Australia ?

2) Begining with A, What is another name for the Tonsils?

3) What did the USA buy from Russia in 1867 for $7.2million? Cattle? Nuclear Weapons or Alaska?

4) What town is known as the Pearl Capital of Australia?

5) Who was the lead guitarist and founder of the band Led Zeppelin?

6) In the popular tv show Sex in the City, What is Maranda Hobs' occupation?

7) What is the common term for a baby whale?

8) In dietary terms GI stands for what?

9) How many days does the German festival of Oktoberfest go for?

10) The Overland train service travels between Melbourne and which other city?


1) 29 2) Adenoids 3) Alaska 4) Broome, WA 5) Jimmy Page 6) Lawyer 7) Calf 8) Glycemic Index 9) 16 days 10) Adelaide

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